Things you can do on a road trip

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It is fun going on a road trip. Someone people love it. But, sometimes you get bored on a road trip. You went through social media a hundred times and still nothing interesting. Here are things to do when you are on a road trip. 

 Record the trip

It is a lot of work but this is taking keep those memories fresh. By doing this you will need to take a lot of photos of where you are, what are you doing things like that. 

You can even take selfies of the places you are at or the people you are with so that it wills reminder you what the people look like at the state or country you were at. Make a video with people of the activities you are doing so that you can show the video what activity you did and what was the feeling you had while doing so    

License plates

This is an old game but it is still fun. The city you are traveling to see what license they use. See if you can find the same city number plate you have, or see how many different number plates you see. The further you drive see want license they use in each state they use. There is also an app to keep track of what plates you saw. 

Landmark game

Make a list of landmarks you are going to drive by. Do the actions that landmark show like example duck under a bridge, or like when a motorcycle drive make an action that it will make. If you didn’t take that action you lose. This will help you to pass time quickly and it will see if you can remember what to do when. 


It is also the best way to passed time is to listen to audiobooks. It is also the best thing to do because if you read a book, the car is bumpy so that means you wouldn’t be able to read correctly. An audiobook you can just listen and focus on the words that are spoken.  

 Some people like to sleep the whole ride, that is also good but other people don’t like sleeping too much. But these things are also good to do when going on a trip. It will make the trip shorter and it helps for time to pass